At Montage, we are often introduced to business owners who have committed years of tireless work into building their business to where it is, but now would like direction on how to ensure they reap the benefits of this success. The questions we typically hear from business owners are:

  • How do I extract money from my business as efficiently as possible?
  • Should I be utilising my company’s revenues to make pension contributions for Retirement Planning?
  • How do I ensure my business is secure should something happen to me or one of business partners?
  • How do I ensure my beneficiaries can benefit from the success of my business?
  • How do I factor in my business with regards to Inheritance Tax Planning?

We often come across business owners who are perhaps receiving personal financial advice, but the business is disregarded by their adviser. We think this is crazy – your business is likely to be your biggest and most important asset and should therefore be given plenty of consideration when it comes to formulating your overall Financial Plan.

Our Wealth Management team will devise a suitable plan that allows you to not only benefit from the success of your business today, but to also plan for the future.

We like working as a team with your accountant to ensure all sides of your business planning are covered, to help your business provide as best for you and your family as possible.

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