Choosing the right investment is not just about choosing whether to invest in shares, bonds or property. Whilst the old adage about not putting too many eggs in one basket is absolutely true, that is something that is covered by our Portfolio Management. But when we talk about Investment Planning, we are also talking about choosing the most tax efficient way of investing. Depending on your personal circumstances and what your investment is to be used for, there are a number of tax efficient ‘wrappers’ to choose from, including:

  • Investment Account
  • Individual Savings Account (ISA)
  • Onshore/Offshore Investment Bond
  • Tax Incentivised Investments such as an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and a Venture Capital Trust (VCT)

We don’t expect you to be able to identify which one works best for you; this is our area of expertise. We just need to know exactly what needs to be achieved from the money you are investing and we can tell you the most appropriate way of investing. Choosing the right tax wrapper can be a significant factor in determining whether you are able to achieve your objectives.

Investment planning is not just about making all the right choices at onset. We understand that life is unpredictable and things change, often as people reach a different stage in their life or after major events. We view Investment Planning as an ongoing process and we would therefore meet regularly with you to assess any changes that might impact your investments.

Done properly, Investment Planning is about making sure that the right amount of money is available, for the right purpose, at the right time. Whether this means making a significant one-off purchase, supplementing income or to pay children’s school fees. We often come across individuals who do not know what they can achieve with the investments they have built up over their lives; our comprehensive Financial Plan will make sure that you, nor we, lose sight of your goals.

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