We often come across people who have built up pensions over their working lifetime which are either in a number of different policies, or which are being managed by an advisor who charges a fee but with very little service in return. These people have a variety of questions about their pension plans and their retirement planning, such as:

  • Are my pensions doing what they are supposed to do?
  • Am I making enough pension contributions each year?
  • When can I retire?
  • Will my pensions give me enough income to retire?
  • Will my pension pot last?

At Montage, we think you should be armed with the answers to all these questions, as this is what you’ll need to help achieve your Financial Freedom.

Retirement used to mean hitting a certain age, packing it all in and enjoying your twilight years. That may have been the case as little as 10-20 years ago but as people live longer and healthier lives, their attitudes to retirement have also changed.

We understand that everyone is different; whether retirement means stopping work completely or simply reducing the burden of full time work. Regardless, our clients typically have goals that they want to achieve in retirement. These goals can vary from travelling the world to charitable work to starting the business they always wanted but never had the time for. We believe retirement planning is about taking the steps that allow you to live the life you want, both pre-retirement and post-retirement. Whatever retirement means to you.

Once we have established your retirement objectives, we will construct your Financial Plan to show how these objectives can be met. At Montage, we have Wealth Managers who specialise in Retirement Planning and through a combination of their knowledge and our proprietary cashflow modelling software, we will produce a plan tailored to your needs.

As part of our retirement planning expertise, we cover the followings areas of specialism:

  • Pension Sharing Orders
  • Defined Benefit Reviews/Transfers
  • Calculating pension limits for high earners
  • Using pensions as part of Inheritance Tax Planning

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