It’s an uncomfortable topic, protection. We all assume that we will live long into our twilight years, but at the same time we all know that things don’t always go to plan. The impact that your death could have on your loved ones could be significant. So too could the diagnosis of an illness or injury that prevents you from working or changes your life, even the most generous employer sick pay arrangements are only short term.

We regularly meet hard working people who view their property, pension or their investment portfolios as their greatest assets. In most cases the reality is that it is their ability to work that is their biggest asset, particularly for those with families and dependants. And yet those same individuals often have more protection in place for their pets than for themselves.

It’s not just income that can be protected, some of the events we plan for are to ensure debts are repaid, to protect businesses should anything happen to key personnel or to provide capital to pay a tax bill on death. There is a plethora of potentially damaging events that we can protect against depending on your circumstances and your objectives.

We don’t believe in scare tactics or having protection for protections sake, after all you are paying for something you hope you never have to use. When we create your Financial Plan, we will show you the steps you need to achieve your Financial Freedom. As part of your plan we will show you how an untimely death or illness could stop you from achieving your objectives and how we can protect against this. Often this will be achieved using an insurance contract, tailored to fit your particular circumstances.

We view this as logical contingency planning to make sure that, despite the unpredictability of life, your financial objectives for the future are still be achieved. Death and illness are tough to deal with at the best of times, but to know that your finances will be taken care of were the worst to happen should give you and/or your family one less thing to have to worry about.

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