By September 27, 2019News


We are delighted to report that the Montage team successfully navigated the Rough Runner course.

None of us had ever seen or done anything like this before so it was quite an experience. We were eased in with some small obstacles first but safe to say it really hit home when we had to scale a 20 foot wall and then run over a platform surrounded by water with a mechanical arm trying to knock you off. No one escaped without getting drenched multiple times, the only saving grace was that the summer weather had not quite deserted us and the sun was shining. The big finish was the travelator (think 1990’s TV show gladiators) which took a big push and was one that definitely looks easier on the telly than it is in real life. The photos above are a testament to that.

We are really proud of the whole team for giving it their all and for the amazing sum that we have raised so far towards this year’s fantastic cause.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has donated, we are extremely grateful.

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