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By August 5, 2020News

At Montage, we are strong advocates for the value of Financial Planning and want everyone to have their own Financial Plan. We also know that good Financial Planning, whilst excellent value, is not cheap and there are a huge amount of people who are either starting on, or struggling in, their financial journey who aren’t able to use a financial adviser or perhaps cannot afford to pay for financial advice.

Colloquially known in the industry as the ‘advice gap’, there are reportedly up to 21 million individuals who have fallen into this category.

We would love to be able to sit down with everyone who needed our help and build a Financial Plan with them, but it just isn’t possible. There is only so much Montage to go around. This has been a topic of conversation for some time as we considered what we can do to help and to this end Scott & Chris have set up and begun recording regular episodes of a new podcast, Cash Goals.

Each show will focus on the things people need to get right, and the mistakes they need to avoid, to keep their finances on track and plan for the future they want. Their aim is to be able to provide guidance and financial planning tips that go beyond the same old adages that are repeated by the mainstream media, and maybe even debunk a few of these ‘rules of thumb’ along the way.

The show can be found here, it is totally free and totally awesome (in our slightly biased opinion):


If you do decide to have a listen, Scott and Chris would be forever grateful if you could leave a review in whichever app you use to listen to your podcasts. Each app has a ‘leave a review’ section and more reviews helps us reach a broader audience and the more we can spread the word about financial planning the better!

Here’s a picture of the boys recording one of their latest episodes:

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