Our Wealth Management service combines ongoing Lifestyle Financial Planning with our in-house Discretionary Managed portfolios. Our Wealth Management service has been designed to meet the needs of our high net worth clients, who require flexible and sophisticated financial planning solutions.

Our Wealth Management service is proactive and structured, offering ongoing Lifestyle Financial Planning with regular review meetings to review our client’s plans, objectives, and goals.


The goal we most often help people shoot for is Freedom. This means being financially independent, not necessarily wealthy, but in a position to make the choices you want to make, when you want to make them.

When you become a client of Montage, it’s a bit like learning to dive, or drive, or shoot a gun. We have some things to work through before we start getting our wetsuit on, our hands on the wheel, or the shotgun from the cabinet. We will work through a structured planning process with you. It will not always be obvious, but everything we are doing is carefully designed to flush out the information we need so that we can match the investments closely to your needs.


How we can help.

We will develop a strategy with you, which is tailored to your personal needs,
objectives and goals. This will not be a one off plan, but an ongoing process. As
circumstances change, so will your financial needs and goals, and the key to our
Wealth Management service is to tailor and adapt your strategy in the future. We
are here to help ‘pilot’ you through your financial journey and to keep you on
track to achieve your goals.



A platform offers a more sophisticated approach to investment and
pension portfolios than utilising individual products.

Instead of holding a range of separate investment and pension products, each holding different investment funds, our platform offers our clients a complete solution, with a range of platform accounts which can be held by internal or external Tax Wrappers on one platform, with each platform account invested in one of our 11 discretionary managed portfolios.