And indeed many people, who were meant to have your best interests at heart, were laughing. Uproariously. All the way to the bank. Montage Wealth Management sets out to change that. By concentrating on the very latest techniques in financial planning, creating a framework to help you realise the lifestyle you want in the future, and bringing our portfolio management in house, we can look after you in the way that we would like to be looked after.

We blend what we modestly think is best-in-class portfolio management with lifestyle financial planning. We think this links You, to Your Money, to Your Goals and back again. We think not many people can do this. And we think it’s a little special.


The goal we most often help people shoot for is Freedom. This means being financially independent, not necessarily wealthy, but in a position to make the choices you want to make, when you want to make them.

When you become a client of Montage, it’s a bit like learning to dive, or drive, or shoot a gun. We have some things to work through before we start getting our wetsuit on, our hands on the wheel, or the shotgun from the cabinet. We will work through a structured planning process with you. It will not always be obvious, but everything we are doing is carefully designed to flush out the information we need so that we can match the investments closely to your needs.


At Montage we meet people every day who do amazing things. Whether it’s a medical or education professional who has touched the lives of thousands, a business owner who’s ensured the financial future of their company and that of their family, or the entrepreneur who might have invented the next iPhone, every client who walks through our door has a fascinating story to tell.

We can’t get enough of hearing about this. Everyone at Montage is driven by the idea of taking all the pieces you have, that make up your financial life, and assembling them to make one, coherent, big picture.


We’re here to help and all you need to do is get in touch.